Remote West recording/mixing/broadcast


Truck Boy

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Caught in my native habitat.

My primary business is mixing audio for television.

I’ve been a freelance mixer for three decades, and you will probably recognize many of the shows on my credit list.  Primarily I do variety—talk shows, music shows, game shows, comedy shows—but I’ve done just about everything.

Need a mixer who can make it sound great on the air?  I can do that.


While I’m comfortable with all mixing jobs, I specialize in music mixing.  I was the music mixer on the late-night Arsenio Hall Show and Lopez Tonight.  I suppose I’m passionate about it because I’m a musician myself.

Need someone who can run an audio crew, front with the artist, set the lists, calmly guide everyone through the sound check and camera run-throughs?  Need it to sound like the album (or better)?  I can do that.

Music Production

I also do music production services out of my home and at remote locations.  Need to record a band?  My Fly Pack system consists of a laptop, a small rack of preamps, and a splitter.

This is one of the jazz choirs at College of the Canyons, right near me.  Oh, and I shot and edited all of the video as well using Mevo and Final Cut Pro X.

College of the Canyons Just Jazz performs In a Mellow Tone.  Watch this.  These are community college kids, and they’re good.

More videos from the concert can be seen here.  Looking for the same kind of video coverage at an affordable rate?  I can do that.

For special projects I turn my living room into a studio.  Recently recorded a friend of mine, saxophonist Ian Vo.  Want to sound like this?

I have expert-level certification in Pro Tools, and have become a Melodyne ninja.  Want your vocal tracks to sound like this?